About Us

Serious consulting is a global management training and development firm which brings together a unique combination of skills and extensive international experience in organizational psychology, change management, project management and continuous improvement via Lean & Six Sigma methodologies.

We have been engaged in global assignments in USA, UK, Italy, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, NZ, Romania, Denmark, Hong Kong, Egypt, Norway, Mexico, France, Brazil, India, the Ukraine, Canada and Australia.


Our Philosophy

Serious consulting helps all people at all levels in an organization understand the link between their behaviour and the achievement of the desired results. We give people the skills and confidence to successfully change their behaviour, where necessary, in order to achieve the desired outcomes.
Serious consulting also helps companies establish and maintain systems and processes that effectively and meaningfully manage and reinforce the highest levels of performance.

Mission & Values

Serious consulting's mission is to help you inspire, support and deliver world-class performance in your company.
We do this by helping you connect your strategic objectives with actual business outcomes.

Serious Consulting Values

Human Dignity

Respect for people by:

  • Asking questions
  • Listening to the answers
  • Understanding that people's thoughts and positions are the result of experience and knowledge
  • By doing the above we give everyone a "fair-go" which allows them the best chance of bringing out their best

Independence of thought

  • We endeavour to examine situations without bias or prejudice, hence we use data and facts to assess and measure performance
  • We strive to get to the root of problems, by not simply accepting the "conventional wisdom"


Dantotsu is Japanese for "always more than, always better than"

  • It means the continuous improvement of: 
    • Services & Products
    • Processes
    • Relationships between customers and suppliers
    • Organisational cultures
  • "Less is More" The less waste, the more value that can be added
    • We focus on efficiency by the removal of waste, be it material, time or human effort
  • A commitment to never "resting on our laurels" but always continuing to improve