Publications and Presentations

  • “Leadership Skills for Young Engineers”
    Presentation to Young Engineers Australia 2010
  • “Cultural Learnings Six Sigma”
    Presentation to AOQ Lean Six Sigma Conference Melbourne 2007
  • “Practical Six Sigma”
    Published by Serious Consulting 2006
  • “Applying learning’s from sports psychology to projects”
    Presentation to PMI October 2004
  • “Requiem for a clever country”
    Published in The Age Tuesday July 8 2003
  • “Corporate Bullying - the hidden costs”
    Presentation to The Leadership Consortium Melbourne and Sydney October 2003
  • “KPI’s a help or hindrance”
    Presentation to Call Centre Managers July 2003
  • “Promises promises- the art of committing to the possible”
    Presentation to the Australian Software Metrics Association October 2003
  • “Performance management”
    Network Recruitment Melbourne and Sydney May 2002
  • “A crash guide to project survival”
    Published in The Age Tuesday March 12 2002
  • “Climbing to the top of performance management”
    Published in HR Magazine 2002
  • “Large Scale Organizational Performance Improvement”
    Published in Performance Improvement Journal Volume 30(10) November/December 1999