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Performance @ a glance is a software based system that simplifies the procedure of constructing performance matrices, making the task of performance measurement easier and less time consuming. If you are serious about achieving your goals then there is no better way than to use performance @ a glance.

performance @ a glance makes it easy to clarify and set the goals you want to achieve and then measure your progress towards the achievement of those goals. Whether you are tracking your own performance, that of a project or your team, performance @ a glance allows you to determine how well you are performing both quickly and easily.

The robustness of performance @ a glance means that you can measure any type of goal — whether it is a result, like the achievement of a financial goal, or a behaviour, such as skills taught in a training program. Performance @ a glance is the perfect partner to any strategic plan because it allows you to define your goals and activities clearly and concisely, allocate responsibilities, and measure progress in a timely and accurate fashion — feedback is instant with performance @ a glance.