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Created Date Thursday, 09 December 2010
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Large Scale Organizational Performance Improvement

It is well acknowledged that many organizational change efforts fail to deliver their intended results, yet so much can be done to ensure that these initiatives stand a better chance of success. This article outlines a number of simple to understand yet important steps in ensuring your change effort is successful.

Created Date Friday, 26 November 2010
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Performance jam

performance-jam-cpverPerformance Jam is a team-based action learning exercise that requires effective communication, leadership and cooperation for its successful completion.  The major benefit of the Performance Jam activity is that it compresses the time taken to experience and learn many of the key facets of high performance.
The Performance Jam activity can be used to analyse and demonstrate a number of different organisational performance characteristics such as: the role and influence of leadership; how team members work with each other to solve the problem and improve performance; how the teams utilise their knowledge of continuous improvement principals or how the how team members communicate with each other and how they set performance goals to motivate the team.
There are two major components of the activity: working out the solution, and continuously improving the team performance.  All performance measures are taken in time - minutes and seconds.  As team members improve their performance measures are recorded in seconds and hundredths of seconds.

Created Date Friday, 26 November 2010
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Practical Six Sigma

book-practical-six-sigmaPractical Six Sigma (PSS)is a marriage of Six Sigma with a proven project management methodology that you can use to guide your Six Sigma projects to success.
Practical Six Sigma provides a simple to use transparent method for implementing and completing six sigma projects.  Many companies spend enormous amounts of time and money training people in Six Sigma without equipping them with the skills for how to run Six Sigma projects effectively.  PSS’ project management steps are clearly defined and designed to ensure that you have the necessary information to proceed from one step to the next ensuring that you don’t waste precious time and money – yours and everyone else’s.