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Graphical Display

A picture tells a thousand words and with your performance graphed in an easy to understand linear chart you will always know how well you are performing against your goals.

Due Date Completion Date Function

Due Date Completion Date Function Start and finish dates mean you can plan your activities for maximum business benefit

Target Line

Comparing your actual performance against your planned performance means you know whether you are over performing, on target or under performing and take the appropriate action to correct or reinforce performance.

Variable Monitoring Period

You can set the monitoring period for the graphical display depending on the level of granularity or detail you want from 1 day for greater detail to longer for a bigger picture overview.

Comments Section

Keep a record of any information or valuable insights so that they can be utilised for your benefit later on.


Record and keep any changes made to your plan so that you have an accurate history of what happened and why.


Not all actions are of equal importance, and priorities change from time to time. Adding a weighting to your actions means you are always working on the high priority items.

Export To Microsoft Excel

You can export your chart to excel and use the myriad of excel functions to further enhance your plan.

Reporting Functions

P@AG has several different report functions which allow you to show your plan in table format, chart format or grid format.


Assigning responsibility is one of the key means of ensuring accountability for results a must for any performance management system.